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Wildland Training at HCFD Stn 1 on November 26th. Hope everyone can attend!

From everyone here at HCFD, we would like to say thank you to all of our veterans past and present!!!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Sandy, as well as the dedicated responders operating in the area.

Apt Fire HCFD recently responded to a 12 unit apartment fire on October 13th. Only minor injuries were reported, and the fire was contained to one section of the building. A big thanks goes out to everyone who responded, including McDaniels, McQuady, Harned, and Irvington Fire Departments. Visit "Fools Rush N" on facebook for more photos.

The drivers training class has been postponed. Once a new date is set it will be posted!

Regular Department Meeting - Monday, Sept. 17th

A big congratulations goes out to one of our own, Josh Bostrom, who is getting married this saturday

Everyone Get Ready - We have started scheduling state training for the year. 4 hours of drivers training is tentatively set for Sept 27th. We will schedule a training class on pulling trailers, Vehicle Extrication, and Wildland Firefighting in the near future.

Sept. 11

On this, the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11th terror attacks our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of those who were lost on that day in New York, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. We also honor the legacy of those lost in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since. God bless our troops. We will never forget the memories of those lost. It is my hope on this anniversary that we honor the legacy of those men and women by remembering the triumph of the human spirit, by living our lives to the fullest, and by never letting an opportunity to serve our fellow man pass by. Greater love hath no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends - John 15:13.

Boat Moves Thanks to everyone that participated in Swift Water Rescue training this past August. I think everyone learned a lot and had a blast. We have to say thank you to PRP Water Rescue, and Jefferson County Swift Water for teaching the class. Search "HCFD Swift Water" on youtube to see the video of the class!

SPECIAL CALLED MEETING - Thursday May 10th to discuss the swift water rescue team. Training on ventilation to follow.

New Addition to the Training Room

Local Firefighters assist in Indiana

We are proud to announce that firefighters from McQuady and Hardinsburg Fire Departments have made their way to southern Indiana to assist storm victim's clean up after last week's tornadoes. Jeremy Smiley, Colter Taul, Austin Brown and Charlie Golf with McQuady and Lt. David House, Tonya House and Darren Voyles with Hardinsburg left friday evening for Henryville with the Southeastern Baptist Association of Indiana. Early saturday they were deployed to the town of Maryville. We are proud of these individuals, and pray for their safe return as they represent our communitys and assist our neighbors in their time of need. If you would like to donate to the relief efforts, or to volunteer call 1-877-634-8175 (per KYEM). Click here for pictures!!!

First Activation - Feb. 16th

Custer Fire Dept., Irvington Fire Dept., HCFD SAR, and Breck Central responded to a call for a missing female in the Custer FD response area. Dedicated members from all departments searched the area for the missing individual well into the morning. She was located by a motorist and safely returned to her family. Furthermore all searchers returned from the successful mission unharmed. Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers from the multiple agencys that responded to this call, including the dog teams of Judy, Scott, Tracker, and Journey.

Jan. 28th

Map Reading

Saturday we held an all day SAR training at station 1. We had 26 members attend. Topics of discussion included ICS, team response, and a map and compass drill. Judy and Scott brought Tracker, a 2 year old bloodhound, out to do a search demonstration after we completed the map and compass drill. Tracker was able to locate the victim, Donna Barnes, in short order despite the cold weather and the distraction of multiple onlookers. We look forward to the continued dedication of all our SAR members.

Tracker on the trail Tracker on the trail

Jan. 17th

We would like to welcome the newest members of Hardinsburg City Fire and Rescue. At the Jan. 16th meeting we added 13 new personnel to our roster for a total of 44 members. Dont forget to register your new department email address, and check back often for updates on events/training.

Jan. 8th

We would like to take the time to thank the following partners for their continued support of our Fire Department: Breckinridge Memorial Hospital, The Farmers Bank, Wal-Mart of Hardinsburg, and The Kentucky Dept. Of Homeland Security. They have continued their tradition of supporting the community by donating equipment, awarding grants, and making donations to HCFD, and specifically our newly formed Division of Rescue.

SAR Class

Dec. 6th

HCFD recently hosted a Basic Search and Rescue class at the FFA camp in Hardinsburg. We are pleased to announce it was a success. We had 33 dedicated individuals participate in what turned out to be an educational and fun weekend. A special thank you goes out to Charlie O'Neal, Mike Buresh, Raleigh Shelton, Barry Hart, and Marty Moore for teaching a great class. Thank you to Dr. Pete for allowing us to use his facilities. This is the first step on our journey to becoming a great rescue squad. We look forward to many more informative and fun trainings in the future.

Galante's Fire in downtown Hardinsburg


Welcome to the Hardinsburg City Fire & Rescue home page. We hope that this site will serve as a tool for the citizens and businesses that we protect. While our site is still in its development stage, it is our goal to provide our visitors with information to improve their understanding of our department.

The men and women of the Hardinsburg City Fire Department are proud to be an active part of the community. We strive to offer "World Class" service and believe that the only way to achieve this is through planning, training, and dedication. Our plans focus on the department's vision for the future and the challenges required to meet them. Our citizens have grown to expect services that manage "all risk" emergencies and we have organized ourselves to meet these expectations.

HCFD operating at a housefire

Hardinsburg City Fire Department is proudly located in Hardinsburg, KY. Organized in 1921, our department has a rich history of tradition and dedication that is still vibrant today. HCFD, a ISO Class 5 department, is led by Chief Jerry Martin. In 2011 we merged with Stephensport Volunteer Fire Department and now operate out of two stations. Station one is located at 107 East First Street in Hardinsburg, and Station two is located in the community of Stephensport.

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